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Lekiwi It's been a while since I've been exposed to this level of originality and passion from a band that draws its influences from the extreme prog legends of old, particularly the likes of Cynic and Opeth. This will sit well with anyone who partakes in the heavy and challenging manifestations of prog. Favorite track: Venusian Death.
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released November 1, 2016

Written, arranged and performed by Orchid
Drums and bass recorded live at Audiokraft Studios
Guitars and vocals recorded at Vantablack Productions

Mixed by Narayanan Gopalakrishnan
Mastered by Ankit Suryakanth

Art, design and logo by Copycat Design and Illustration

Bookings: maneatingorchid@gmail.com

Vinay Prasad: Guitars
Rahil Ahmed: Bass
Kaushal LS: Vocals/lyrics
Mayur Nanda: Drums/percussion/electronics



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Orchid Bengaluru, India

Orchid is a progressive metal band from Bangalore, India.

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Track Name: Civic TV
The TV screen: retinas of the mind’s eye
One with the physical structure of the brain

A false, illusory world of shadows we live in
Elite factions unknown to most operate above the law
Perpetuate propaganda, disguised signals on broadcast

Causing tumours and hallucinations, programmable drones
Nothing outside the perception of reality of a hive

Dissolve into the anonymous whole
Waking dreams give way to violent delusions

Televised automatons flood your mind
An elaborate hoax
Transcend to the new flesh
Track Name: Venusian Death
Crash landed on a jungle on Venus
A group of four men
Stranded in perpetual rain
Led by the Lieutenant

They trek through the rain
To the sun domes
Search to no avail

Scepticism sets in quick
Victims to catatonic states

Minds turn suicidal
The loss of sanity

They move in circles
Compasses thrown off
By electrical storms

They slowly perish
Venusian vegetation
Even takes over the corpses
In the rain

Bodies shrunken
Wrinkled like primitive apes
Their shadows seem to stalk them all

Colour of skin washed away
Bodies shrunken
Wrinkled like primitive apes
Their shadows seem to stalk them all
Track Name: Disorder
Succumb to stimulated desire
The contemplation returns
Eradication of thought
The manipulation of self

Impulse control disorder
Reiterate impulse

Swayed. Induced. Convinced. Enticed.
Coerced. Lured. Pushed. Lead. Influenced

Manic state of being bipolar
Or a sense of being invincible

People don’t understand this strange disorder
Their behaviour characterized thought

Chemical imbalance in the brain

Decreased blood flow to the cerebral cortex
Higher reasoning and judgement suspended
Track Name: Migrate
Enter the portal to cyberspace
Enter the net, so vast
Enter this interstitial space
Migrate to the net, evolve